Camp Beez Kneez – Season 8

Camp Beez Kneez is a comprehensive, 12 week, hands-on, guided beekeeping course.  Join us in one of our teaching apiaries where you will be dedicated to a hive for your learning experience while also learning from professionals with years of experience and up to 10 other hives.  Classes will be held at beautiful sites in Fridley, MN or Osceola, WI from May-October.

What you will learn:

  • How to choose and/or assemble equipment
  • How to install a new hive in the spring
  • How to split a  wintered hive and introduce queens
  • How to make nucs and utilize them in your apiary
  • How to assess colony health, identify nectar flows and pollen sources
  • Spring through fall management techniques for successful overwintering
  • Disease management including integrated pest management, drone comb removal, mite checks, organic treatments and more
  • Harvesting honey and extracting/bottling techniques  *Extraction at the Beez Kneez Honey House using thte Beez Kneez "Honey Cycle" pedal-powered extractors! (Depends on COVID)
  • Overwintering your hive
  • Efficient record Keeping to aid hive management

Cost:$625 for up to three people to work on the same hive, includes instruction, handouts, smokers and hive tools.  You must provide your on protective gear, rentals available.  Payment plans available.  Contact Beez Kneez at [email protected]  


4/24/22 - All student online orientation

Subsequent classes are every other week on either Saturday 2:30 - 4:30 pm or Sunday 10 am - 12 pm depending on chosen location.  Onsite classes will run from May 2022-October 2022.

Please note:  Bees and outdoor classes are weather dependent.  Participants may need to be flexible as classes could be rescheduled due to weather.  


Apr 24 2022



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