About Us

Better beekeeping through education

The MHBA was formed to educate our members and the public about bees, beekeeping and bee products. We are a friendly association of over 500 beekeepers and those who are simply interested in bees and their wellbeing. Our group is nicely balanced between new beekeepers and those who are highly experienced.

Most of our members live in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, and manage anywhere from one to several hundred hives. We hold regular meetings to learn, exchange ideas and socialize.

The MHBA is registered with the State of Minnesota and IRS as a 501(c)5 non-profit educational organization which is not classified as a charitable organization.

U of MN Bee LabThe MHBA has a strong relationship with the U of M Bee Lab professors, staff, and students. This helps us to stay current with research and trends in beekeeping. And we like to share our knowledge through educational outreach to schools, groups and festivals.

mn state fair logoMHBA members have also been part of the Minnesota State Fair for more than 50 years. They participate in a variety of ways. They enter their honey and honey-related products, provide demonstrations of honey extraction, explain the observation hives and answer visitors' questions. As a member, you can participate in these activities and many more.

Join and learn with us! There are no requirements for membership—you don’t even have to be a beekeeper. If you want to find out what we're about before you join, attend a meeting to find out.

beekeeper class

2020 Officers

  • President: Susan Bornstein · [email protected]
  • Vice-President: Elizabeth Schroeder
  • Secretary: Sarah Staten
  • Treasurer: Betty Mortensen

2020 Board of Directors

(Year indicates the final year of term.)

  • Alex King (2020)
  • Danny Kraft (2020)
  • Steve Buck (2021)
  • Kate Gardner (2021)
  • Paula Johnson (2022)
  • Dave Schroder (2022)
  • Gary Reuter (U of M Research Seat)


  • Ask Buzz: Bob Sitko, Terry McDaniel, Dave Schroeder, and Jerome Rossi
  • Annual banquet chair: Liz Schroeder
  • Annual banquet assistant: Dave Schroeder, Cathy Schaefer
  • Beekeeper of the year award chair: Liz Schroeder
  • Community educational outreach: Bob Meath
  • Election nominating committee: Past president and or an officer
  • Facebook group admins: Terry McDaniel, Gary Reuter, Chris Pesklo, Ana Heck, Danny Kraft, and Joe Meyer
  • Facebook page admins: Ana Heck, Chris Pesklo
  • Field trip: Terry McDaniel
  • Hospitality: Cathy Schaefer
  • Librarian assistant: Kate Gardner
  • Membership support: Terry McDaniel, Susan Bornstein
  • Newsletter proofreader: Kate Gardner
  • Picnic assistantst: Gary Reuter, Cathy Schaefer
  • State Fair August Picnic chair: Dave Schroeder
  • Website support: Joe Meyer, Danny Kraft, Susan Bornstein, Roxanne Thoeny, Terry McDaniel, JoAnne Sabin, and Nick Lethert
  • State fair extracting demo chair: Chris Pesklo
  • Swarm chaser chair: Bob Sitko
  • Youth scholarship chair: Gary Reuter
  • Youth scholarship assistants: Terry McDaniel, Danny Kraft